Aussieland Trip – Digest #2

Hello again,

Since my last update I have seen and done a lot. From the beautiful beaches of Sydney harbour to the rain forests of Doringo National Park, I had a blast.

On Sunday, we took a ferry over to Manly Beach (about 15 minutes by jet boat). Manly is just a name, but I have to say that is probably an antonym for the description of the place; there were women everywhere! Not only were there women, but there were women in skimpy bikinis playing volleyball and surfing. The men were wearing, to my disgust, equally revealing swimwear, even ones that really should not be. My other complaint is that the commercials that advertise trips to Australia as beaches full of HOT men and women are false. Sure there are a few hotties, here and there, but the vast majority are just plain looking people. Continue reading “Aussieland Trip – Digest #2”

Aussieland Trip – Digest #1

Hey Mates! (Translation: Hello)

The last few days have been interesting; From our 30 hours of flight to seeing the Sydney Opera house it has been an amazing adventure. Having done a bit of solo traveling already, I have gotten over the anxiety that seems to overwhelm some people when traveling, either alone or not. It all started when I got dropped off in Pearson, some three hours before my departure time. I breezed through baggage drop-off and only had to wait 3 minutes to clear customs and security only to wait two and half hours at the gate for boarding. I still do not understand why they tell you to be there three hours early, I mean every time I have gone on a flight, I arrived the recommended number of hours early but I always end up waiting about 90% of that time at my gate. Some people would claim that it is “just in case” but I say that is bullshit (pardon my French). They just want you to wait there for two hours looking for something to do because, ultimately, you are going to buy something and that something is going to be ridiculously overpriced. Even those “Duty free” shops are expensive; so expensive, in fact, that it would probably be cheaper to go out of the airport and pay the damn fees to bring it on the airplane with you. Let’s not get into the shit they try to sell you on the plane. Enough of that, let’s get on with the story. Continue reading “Aussieland Trip – Digest #1”